Trelex now has a larger amount of requests so we keep a waiting list. We still operate on a first come first serve basis and so if you are on this list we will get round to you. 

Currently, we are taking bookings from the waiting list for the second half of 2017. To apply to be on the waiting list please email trelex@trelexresidency.com

Your name will appear on this calendar below when you have confirmed your flight details.  

Solid blue dates are booked and confirmed. Bookings are taken on a first come first served (see above regarding the waiting list). The minimum period is 3 weeks (except in very particular circumstances), maximum stay is a total of three months. 

The waiting list might seem long, but our experience is that about 50% of artists who express serious interest will actually proceed to reserve tickets and come so don't loose heart and apply anyway.  The average waiting time is currently within one year.

And if Trelex is fully booked, why not have a look if there is place in the rainforest instead?  If you don't know about Trelex in the Amazon click here.

Past bookings





Since the Trelex Residency opened in 2012 I have welcomed nearly 100 artists.  To see who has been a resident in the past click on the image above.

When we reached 100 artists. To celebrate we mapped out all 100 artists, showing roughly where everyone has arrived from. Hover or click on the dots for information on each artist. 100 Artists

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